White Knuckles

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White Knuckles

White Knuckles

I'm dreaming of some white knuckles
I'll hold on tight and not let go
Although foes may grumble
I'll see them crumble
I'll swing my weapon to and fro
I'm dreaming of some white knuckles
With every evil thing I fight
May your clumsy moments be slight
And may all your knuckles-es be white.

Huh. That last line didn't scan quite right, preciousss.

Never Fumble

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Effect number: 251
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  • The lyrics are a parody of the song "White Christmas."
  • Gollum from The Lord of the Rings often spoke to his "Preciousss" and consistently appended plural nouns with a further "-es" than required.
  • The name "White Knuckles" is also the name of a Marilyn Manson song.

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