Wild Hare

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Wild Hare

Mad? We're all mad here
but his madness has method:
phat loot and more time.

Does lots of wild things

Ability: Randomly functions as either a Leprechaun, Baby Gravy Fairy, Ghuol Whelp or a Blood-Faced Volleyball and prevents Beaten Up effect at the end of battle as well as giving extra adventures at rollover.

Throne/Bjorn: All Attributes +10, sometimes heals 5-6 HP and 3-4 MP

Hatchling: Marchhat.gif March hat

Familiar-Specific Equipment: Dormouse.gif miniature dormouse

Arena.gif Ultimate Cage Match Scavenger Hunt Obstacle Course Hide and Seek
Olive.gif Olive.gifOlive.gifOlive.gif Olive.gifOlive.gif Hardcorex.gif

Mumming Trunk Abilities:

+15% Meat Drop 4-5 MP +4 Muscle statgain +15% Item Drop +4 Mysticality statgain 8-10 HP +2 Moxie statgain
Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif Bleeding damage* Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif
*Hover for details
Dasboot.gifCannot breathe underwater
Combat Messages
  • Regular message(s):
    "Have some wine," <name> says. "I don't see any wine," you say. "There isn't any." The hare smiles broadly at you. You're pretty sure he's completely looney, but the smile does perk up your spirits.
    <name> rifles the pockets of your foe and looks up at you. "Would you like some more meat?" he asks. "I haven't had any meat yet -- I can't very well take more," you respond. "Ah, you mean you can't very well have less! You can always take more of something!"
    <name> stares at you. "Do you need all the items you get?" You think about it. "Well, I get the items I need, and that's the same thing." "It's not the same at all!" <name> shouts. "That's like saying 'I breathe when I sleep' is the same as 'I sleep when I breathe!" He hops on top of your defeated enemy, hoping to jar more items loose to prove his point.
    <name> shouts, "Clean cup! Move down, move down!" You move over as he pulls a cup and saucer out of his waistcoat and sets it down in front of you. You drink a cup of tea and feel reinvigorated.
    HPYou gain some hit points.
    MPYou gain some Mana Points.
  • Enthroned in the Crown of Thrones:
    <Name> cleans some strawberry jam out of his pocketwatch, and feeds you a spoonful. Even though you're not jewish, it's deliciously refreshing.
    HPYou gain 5-6 hit points.
    MPYou gain 3-4 Mana Points.
  • Bjornified in the Buddy Bjorn:
    <Name> suddenly makes you feel rather refreshed. How? Well, that would give away the trick.
    HPYou gain 5-6 hit points.
    MPYou gain 3-4 Mana Points.
  • With lucky Tam O'Shanter equipped:
    <name> winks at you from beneath the Tam O'Shanter. He looks pretty silly with the Tam perched on top of his ears.
  • With miniature gravy-covered maypole equipped:
    <name> does the bunny-hop around the maypole.
  • With wax lips equipped:
    <name> wiggles his nose from underneath the wax lips. You've never seen a hare with a grin like that before, or a grin with hair like that.
  • Every 15 combat adventures, you will receive the following message, along with an additional +1 adventure at rollover:
    <name> pulls an oversized pocketwatch out of his waistcoat and winds it. "Two days slow, that's what it is," he says.
  • If you have a miniature dormouse equipped, every 12 combat adventures you will get the above message and the bonus +1 rollover adventure, along with the following additional message:
    The dormouse emerges groggily from <names>'s waistcoat and gives the watch another turn. He vanishes back into the pocket with a sleepy 'feed your head.'
  • When you lose a fight:
    <name> sees that you're beaten up and shouts, "no time! No time! Oh, my ears and whiskers, how late it's getting!" He pulls out his pocketwatch. He rubs some butter into it, yanks one of its hands backward, and you suddenly feel better.

Arena Messages

  • When entered in Hide and Seek:
    The wild hare's pocketwatch ticks too loudly to allow him to hide effectively.


  • See Volleyball, Leprechaun, Baby Gravy Fairy, and Ghuol Whelp for formulas.
  • The Wild Hare (aside from the extra adventure message) acts 6 out of 7 adventures.
  • When it does act, it will be a Baby Gravy Fairy 1 out of 7 times, Volleyball 2 out of 7 times, Leprechaun 2 out of 7 times, and Ghuol Whelp 2 out of 7 times.
  • In percentage terms:
    • Baby Gravy Fairy: 12% (6/7 * 1/7)
    • Leprechaun, Volleyball, Ghuol Whelp: 24% (6/7 * 2/7) each
  • The Wild Hare will give a character extra adventures at the following rollover, but only if it has been taken out adventuring. You gain 1 additional adventure for every time one of the two "wind up watch" messages appears.
    • The Hare does not have to be your active familiar during rollover to receive these extra adventures.
  • The number of adventures gained at rollover is exclusively dependent on the number of combat adventures encountered with the Wild Hare as your active familiar the previous day. That is, to constantly receive extra adventures at rollover, you would have to continuously adventure with it as your active familiar: extra adventures gained only apply for the following day.
  • Also, the counter resets at rollover -- that is, even if you use 11 combat adventures after the watch is last wound before rollover, you'll still need the full 12/15 adventures before the watch gets wound after rollover.
  • The counter also resets upon ascending -- that is, if you have adventures due to be gained at the coming rollover and you ascend, the counter goes back to 0 and you do not receive adventures at rollover (unless, of course, you adventure further with the hare in your new ascension, in which case only the adventures in your new ascension count).


  • This familiar is one big reference to the March Hare in the classic children's book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which commonly goes by the shorter title Alice in Wonderland, especially when used as the title of subsequent movies and plays. Specific references include:
    • He seems to have the White Rabbit's pocket watch and/or the Mad Hatter's pocket watch (which was always two days off). He also seems to be wearing the White Rabbit's waistcoat. The various effect messages are based on lines said by him, by the Mad Hatter, or by the White Rabbit.
    • The Dormouse was also a character in Alice in Wonderland, who dozed through the same tea party with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare.
    • "Mad? We're all mad here", in the haiku, is based on a quote from the Cheshire Cat.
    • The line "You've never seen a hare with a grin like that before, or a grin with hair like that," is based on a quote from Alice, where she describes the half-vanished Cheshire Cat by saying "I've often seen a cat without a grin, but a grin without a cat... it's the most curious thing I've seen in my life!"
    • "Feed your head" is a reference to the 60's psychedelic anthem White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane, which is itself is full of references to Alice. The climactic lyric of the song is "Remember what the dormouse said! Feed your head!"
  • "His madness has method", from the haiku, most likely references Hamlet II, ii, 206: "Though this be madness, yet there is method in 't."
  • The name may be a reference to the Tex Avery short "A Wild Hare", generally considered the first "true" Bugs Bunny cartoon.

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