Windsor Pan of the Source

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Windsor Pan of the Source
Windsor Pan of the Source

A Windsor pan is like a saucepan, except it's one designed for actually making sauces in. They're named after Lomberto de Windsor, the first Sauceror ever to make sauces from scratch rather than magicking them into existence. It is said that this was his personal pan and, paradoxically, it has acquired tremendous magical powers from being used in a deliberately non-magical way over the years. I guess there's just something inherently magical about delicious sauce.

Type: weapon (1-handed saucepan)
Damage: 20 - 40
Mysticality Required: 60
Outfit: Legendary Regalia of the Saucemaestro
  (4 items)

Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

Mysticality +15
Spell Damage +23
+11% chance of Spell Critical Hit
Special Attack: Saucemageddon

(Bonus for Saucerors only)

(In-game plural: Windsor Pans of the Source)
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Item number: 4319
Description ID: 832914462
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Obtained From

A Volcanic Cave
Lumpy, the Demonic Sauceblob (transformed from 17-alarm Saucepan during combat)


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