Winifred's whistle

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How long is "a while"?

Winifred's whistle
Winifred's whistle

No unwelcome advance would woo Winifred Wongle,
For when they were made, she would break out this dongle,
A whistle so loud and so piercing and shrill,
It'd make Casanova feel physically ill.
So let the wolves whistle and try to talk smack,

With Winifred's whistle you'll whistle right back.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 100 Meat.

Banishes a monster for a while

(In-game plural: Winifred's whistles)
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Item number: 5536
Description ID: 244240221
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Obtained From

The Maelstrom of Lovers
Wonderful Winifred Wongle

When Used

With a blast on the whistle, your enemy flees
With blood dripping out of his ears, nose, and . . . uh . . .knee.


  • Ends combat when used.

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