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Are the wandering monster appearance windows (and timer initialization conditions) the same as Badly Romantic's?

Wink at <familiarname>

Wink at <familiarname>

Type: Combat
MP Cost: N/A

Source: Have a Reanimated Reanimator as your current familiar
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Reanimated Reanimator staggers the monster and makes copies of it some turns later.
When Used:
  • For a monster that can be copied:
You point a finger at <familiarname>, then at your opponent. <familiarname> nods and begins calculating how much glow-juice he'll need to reanimate it.
  • At the end of the combat:
    • <familiarname> drags your opponent away from the battle. "You haven't seen the last of this one!" he shouts.
    • <familiarname> grabs your slain opponent and says, "Come up to the lab and see what's on the slab! Or just wait for it to find you again!"
    • <familiarname> calculates the volume of glow-juice he'll need to resurrect your opponent, and then drags the corpse off to the lab.
    • <familiarname> throws your opponent across his shoulders and takes off for the lab.
    • <familiarname> throws your opponent across his shoulders. "Time for a trip to the lab!" he shouts.
    • <familiarname> drags your opponent away, muttering about how many liters of reanimating solution it will take to reanimate it.
    • <familiarname> drags your opponent off the battlefield to reanimate it with dark magic totally science.
    • <familiarname> pulls out a syringe of glow-juice. "No, this won't be sufficient. I'll have to take this one to the lab!" He grabs your opponent and drags him off.
    • <familiarname> grabs your opponent and slings her over his shoulders. "Reanimating this will be a delightful test of my scientific acumen!" he shouts.
    • <familiarname> injects your opponent with glow-juice, but nothing happens. "I'll have to take this one to the lab!" he shouts, and drags the body away.
  • For uncopyable monsters:
<familiarname> sizes up your opponent, then whips out some calipers and takes a few measurements. "This creature cannot be reanimated. It has lived too large this one lifetime to live again," he says, solemnly.
<familiarname> shoots you a disappointed glare. "I cannot practice my science at the moment, because you are too enamored with the art of love! Love is the opposite of science! While there's a monster in love with you out in the world, I won't reanimate for you. It would be irresponsible!" he shouts.


  • Winking staggers the monster and turns it into a wandering monster, which will obey all the encounter rules on that page.
  • Wandering copies of the monster will appear three times.
  • During these extra fights, the monster's intro text is replaced with:
You stop for a moment because you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. You feel cold breath on your back, and spin around and see the reanimated corpse of a <monster>! It lunges at you, %pos[sic] eyes glowing green. It doesn't seem to be here for hugs.


  • The "It doesn't seem to be here for hugs" line is probably a reference to the message that arrowed monsters have: "It lunges at you, intent on hugging you to death."

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