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This handy-dandy wrist-mounted holo-LP player is the height of just-post-apocalyptic fashion. And it's so heavy!

Type: accessory
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

Damage Reduction: 10
Allows use of holo-records

(In-game plural: Wrist-Boys)
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Item number: 9102
Description ID: 471098627
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Obtained From

Wrist-Boy records
Base Item Usage
Wristboy.gif Wrist-Boy +10 DR, is nice and heavy
Fallout Shelter Electronics Supply Effect
Record.gif Power-Guy 2000 holo-record +100% Muscle
+100% Mysticality
+100% Moxie
Record.gif Shrieking Weasel holo-record +30 Monster Level
Record.gif Superdrifter holo-record +20% to Muscle stat gains
+20% to Mysticality stat gains
+20% to Moxie stat gains
Underground Record Store Effect
Record.gif Drunk Uncles holo-record Booze gives +100% more Adventures
Record.gif EMD holo-record -10% Combat Frequency
Record.gif Lucky Strikes holo-record +20% Item Drops
Record.gif The Pigs holo-record Food gives +100% more Adventures