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You find a rare moment of peace aboard the yacht. It's so peaceful that you have time to consider whether you're actually "aboard" the yacht when it's on the floor of the ocean.

You stop considering boring things, and look around. There are a large number of minifridges scattered among the flotsam. Well, wait, when it's both still on the boat and in the water like this, is it flotsam, or jetsam?

You stop considering boring things again and instead consider your next move.

From behind a door marked "Captain's Cabin" you hear a gurgly moan. "Beeeeeads," it says. "Beeeeeeeeads. Beads."

Raid a minifridge

You raid a random minifridge and pocket all of its contents. Well, all of the contents that are still good after spending this much time submerged.

Bottle.gif You acquire 2-3 basic mixers
Grapefruit.gifYou acquire 2-3 fruits

Coconut.gif You acquire 2-3 Advanced Cocktailcrafting garnishes

or, once every 7 or more days:

You pick a random minifridge, and as you open it, there is a burst of white light and a chorus of angelic voices (you think they're angelic -- it's sort of hard to tell from this far underwater) as its contents are revealed:

Chamfluteu.gifYou acquire an item: Ultimate Mind Destroyer

Dig through the wreckage

You dig through the rubble (is it rubble if it's underwater? I guess it probably is) and grab everything that looks interesting, including a really surprising amount of Meat that you find tucked into the straps of various barnacle-encrusted bikini bottoms.

Meat.gifYou gain some Meat.
1 of the following:
Brosdrink.gifYou acquire an item: BROS Energy Drink
Potion9.gifYou acquire an item: go-go potion
Shrimpcocktail.gifYou acquire an item: shrimp cocktail

Give that guy some beads, for crying out loud

You open the captain's door. Preceded by an even wetter grunt than before, a pruny hand darts out and grabs X strings of beads from you, and another pruny hand darts out and hands you some money just before the door slams shut again.

Beachbuck.gifYou acquire Y Beach Bucks

Occurs at The Sunken Party Yacht every 20 adventures.


  • You may acquire an Ultimate Mind Destroyer or a handful of cocktail ingredients on the first choice. The Ultimate Mind Destroyer is only available seven days since the last one was acquired.
  • The wreckage choice grants a base of roughly 2,000 meat, increased by +meat% modifiers and familiar +meat%, but not underwater +meat% or underwater +weight, and also seems to exclude Robortender.
  • You lose all your strings of moist beads (up to a maximum of 100) on the third option. You will acquire Y Beach Bucks where Y is the square root of beads handed over (rounded randomly, and capped at 10 Bucks for 100 beads).
  • The beads choice is only available once per day.