Your Colossal Closet

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Your Colossal Closet

Your Colossal Closet is a furnishing located at your Campground.


  • Everyone starts the game with a Colossal Closet at their Campground.
  • The Colossal Closet can be used to store as much Meat and items as you like (to a maximum of 16,777,215 units of a single item); these can then be pulled back out again whenever you like. Quest items may not be placed in the Colossal Closet:
    • Nobody puts quest items in the corner (or the closet.)
  • If you already have 16,777,215 units of a single item in your closet and attempt to put another one in it, you lose the item you tried to transfer: "1 of <item> *NOT* moved from inventory to closet. Something went wrong."
  • All Meat added to your Colossal Closet in excess of 232 (4,294,967,296) will be instantly deleted.
  • Upon ascension, all Meat and items stored in your Colossal Closet are transfered to storage. The exception to this is a casual ascension.
  • Your Colossal Closet itself is not affected by ascension; you do not have to re-obtain it in your next incarnation.
  • If you have at least one of an item in your closet when ascending, emptying Hagnk's in a future ascension will place all copies of that item in your closet. You may accidentally lose things and then find them there decades later, just like a real closet!
  • Closeted items are safe from PvP.
  • Attempting to withdraw or deposit more meat than you have in your closet or in your inventory will yield the message: "I'm going to assume you meant (amount of meat). You take/put (amount of meat) in/out of your closet.


  • The message "Nobody puts quest items in the corner..." is a reference to the line "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" from the film Dirty Dancing.