Your Fallout Shelter

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Your Fallout Shelter
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Replaces The Campground in a Nuclear Autumn run.


  • Starts with only 1 level on your first run. Each Normal run completed adds another level and each Hardcore run adds two, presumably up to a limit of 8.
  • If you have a Source Terminal, it appears on level 1.
  • Level 1: Cryo-Sleep Chamber: Spend 1 Adventure to heal to full HP and MP and remove Radiation Sickness. Like resting at your Campground, this can be done while falling-down drunk.
  • Level 2: Fallout Shelter Medical Supply: Sells items to deal with Radiation Sickness
  • Level 3: Spa Simulation Chamber: Gain 100 Adventures of Spa Day! (+100% to all stats), once a day.
  • First time each day:
You enter the Spa Simulation Chamber and enjoy an entire day of pampering, as far as you know.
Happy.gifYou acquire an effect: Spa Day!
(duration: 100 Adventures)
  • Subsequent times:
You already spent an entire day in a spa today. Or... did you?
  • First time:
You go into the laboratory and start randomly flipping switches and turning dials. When you emerge, everything looks slightly older and the sky is glowing a more ominous shade of green.
  • Subsequent times:
No. You have no idea what you're doing in there. Next time you might screw around and wake up after the heat death of the universe.
  • First time:
You head into the reactor chamber and take a quick dip in the cooling tank. Ahhhhhh.
Radiation.gifYou acquire 300 rads
  • Subsequent times:
You already bathed in the glorious light of the reactor. You'd like to hold onto your teeth, if it's all the same.