Your SpinMaster™ lathe

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Your SpinMaster™ lathe is accessed by using your SpinMaster™ lathe.

You look at the lathe, and you look at your supply of wood, and you let your imagination run wild with what kinds of tubes and cylinders you might make.

Items Sold

Item: Price:
Latheblowgun.gif beechwood blowgun Lathescraps.gif 1
Lathebattery.gif birch battery Lathescraps.gif 1
Latheepee.gif ebony epee Lathescraps.gif 1
Lathemagnet.gif maple magnet Lathescraps.gif 1
Lathewand.gif weeping willow wand Lathescraps.gif 1
Hemhelm.gif hemlock helm Hemlock.gif 1
Balsambarrel.gif balsam barrel Balsam.gif 1
Purpleheartpants.gif purpleheart "pants" Purpleheart.gif 1
Wormwoodring.gif wormwood wedding ring Wormwood item.gif 1
Redwoodstick.gif redwood rain stick Redwood.gif 1
Dripdiadem.gif drippy diadem Dripwood.gif 1


Material Found in Item Type Effect
flimsy hardwood scraps
Your SpinMaster™ lathe Latheblowgun.gif
beechwood blowgun
ranged weapon
(1-handed blowgun)
Ranged Damage +100%
Moxie +25
+5 Moxie Stat(s) Per Fight
Lets you fire poison darts at your foes
flimsy hardwood scraps
Your SpinMaster™ lathe Lathebattery.gif
birch battery
accessory Maximum MP +100
Regenerate 15-20 MP per adventure
flimsy hardwood scraps
Your SpinMaster™ lathe Latheepee.gif
ebony epee
(1-handed sword)
Weapon Damage +100%
Muscle +25
+5 Muscle Stat(s) Per Fight
Lets you disarm your foes
flimsy hardwood scraps
Your SpinMaster™ lathe Lathemagnet.gif
maple magnet
off-hand item Maximum HP +100
+50% Weapon Drops from Monsters
+50% Accessory Drops from Monsters
flimsy hardwood scraps
Your SpinMaster™ lathe Lathewand.gif
weeping willow wand
(1-handed wand)
Spell Damage +100%
Mysticality +25
+5 Mysticality Stat(s) Per Fight
Lets you blast your foes with tears
Dreadsylvanian hemlock
Dreadsylvanian Woods Hemhelm.gif
hemlock helm
hat Muscle +100%
+30 to Monster Level
+5 PvP fights per day
sweaty balsam
The Smut Orc Logging Camp Balsambarrel.gif
balsam barrel
back item All Attributes +50%
+15% Item Drops from Monsters
Regenerate 10-20 HP and MP per adventure
purpleheart logs
The Purple Light District Purpleheartpants.gif
purpleheart "pants"
pants Moxie +100%
Combat Initiative +50%
+5 Adventures per day
Wormwood item.gif
wormwood stick
The Worm Wood Wormwoodring.gif
wormwood wedding ring
accessory Mysticality +100%
+50% Meat from Monsters
+30 Spooky Damage
+30 Damage to Spooky Spells
Serious Spooky Resistance (+3)
ancient redwood
Jungles of Ancient Loathing Redwoodstick.gif
redwood rain stick
(usable once per day)
+20% Item Drops from Monsters
(20 Adventures)
Dripwood slab
The Dripping Trees Dripdiadem.gif
drippy diadem
hat Significant protection from damage in The Drip


  • The first time each day when visiting Your SpinMaster™ lathe, you receive the following message:
    You scrounge around in a dumpster behind a lumberyard, and end up with a pile of wood scraps.
    Lathescraps.gifYou acquire an item: flimsy hardwood scraps
  • The bottom-six items can be bought with currency that can be acquired in certain zones while having a maple magnet equipped.
  • As long as you don't have the currency to buy the bottom-six items, their icons are replaced with a greyed-out version of the icon for the Holy MacGuffin and the letters of their respective names are all replaced with question marks.