A Milky-Eyed Sot

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A Milky-Eyed Sot hangs out in Oliver's Place in the Wrong Side of the Tracks, sending prospective helpers to retrieve his parcels in exchange for milk caps.

  • First visit each day:

The sot looks up at you and says "<random adage>"
"Uhh... what?"
"<random adage>"
Fancy Dan taps you on the shoulder. "He's a little hard to parse, baby. What he means is that he lost something over in <location> and he'd like you to get it for him."

  • Subsequent visits:

He's just sitting there, waiting for you to bring his package back from <location>.

The sot takes the package, nods, and flips a little coin-like thing to you as thanks.

Oliver milkcap.gifYou acquire an item: milk cap
  • After that:

The sot just stares off into space. He must not have anything else for you to do today.


  • The Sot's parcel will be acquired at the end of a victorious combat after 10 encounters have taken place in a zone, including free combats and free non-combats (such as from the June cleaver). This behavior is identical to Droppings, Sweet Droppings.
  • The requested location will be a zone you currently have access to, so zones that can close will render the quest impossible to complete. You can always try a quest the next day.
  • The Adages spoken by the Milky-Eyed Sot are the same lines spoken by the same character in Shadows over Loathing and are clues to the locations of drinks and mixers for it's parallel Oliver's place.