A Sappy Vacation (ice cubes)

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.
A Sappy Vacation
A Sappy Vacation

You're cross-country skiing through the forests around Large Donkey Mountain when you run into ForestGoatee, the hipster Ent.

"Hooom, man," he says. "Cross-country skiing? No snowboarding? No Xtreme Downhill? Do you have any idea how dorky that is?"

"Yup," you reply. "It's about as dorky as wearing mesh trucker caps and thick plastic-frame glasses."

"Exactly," he says, and pats you on the back (knocking you over in the process, but then thoughtfully setting you back on your skis). "For a hasty one, you're pretty hip. I believe you are a new species - a half-hipling. I shall have to discuss this with my fellow hipster Ents. Here, take these - we use them to make enchanted tiki drinks. Isn't that just deliciously retro?"

Ice.gifYou acquire 3 handfuls of magical ice cubes

Occured at Large Donkey Mountain Ski Resort.


  • It appears that this version of A Sappy Vacation was retired in the Shore revamp.


  • Parts of this adventure refer to the Lord of the Rings book series, where Ents accuse halflings of being very hasty. The name "ForestGoatee" is a play on "Treebeard", the name of a prominent Ent in the Lord of the Rings.