A traveling Thanksgiving salesman

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A traveling Thanksgiving salesman is found when using a cashew.

Hello there! My keen cashew-sensing abilities tell me you might have some cashews that you'd be willing to trade? I have a variety of things you might be thagnkful for!

Items Sold

Item: Price:
Cassdishshield.gif glass casserole dish Cashew.gif 1
Canopener.gif can opener Cashew.gif 1
Masher.gif potato masher Cashew.gif 1
Marshbelt.gif mini-marshmallow dispenser Cashew.gif 2
Glassplate.gif glass pie plate Cashew.gif 2
Breadmold.gif bread mold Cashew.gif 2
Stuffingball.gif stuffing fluffer Cashew.gif 3
Baster.gif turkey blaster Cashew.gif 3
Ravyboat.gif gravy boat Cashew.gif 3

You have:
Cashew.gif X cashews

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