Aerated diving helmet

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aerated diving helmet
aerated diving helmet

This is a diving helmet with an unlimited supply of air bubbling up inside it. It's perfect for all of your underwater breathing needs! Well, it would be perfect if the glass on the front of it was clean enough to actually see things clearly through it. Ah well. I guess divers can't be choosers.

Type: hat
Power: 200
Moxie Required: 85
Cannot be traded or discarded

Serious Stench Resistance (+3)
-25% Item Drops from Monsters
Combat Initiative -50%
Lets you Breathe Underwater

(In-game plural: aerated diving helmets)
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Item number: 3607
Description ID: 784913887
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Wad.gif bubblin' stone rusty diving helmet
Equals.gif aerated diving helmet




  • Until March 8, 2013 this was -50% to item drops.

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