Ambidextrous Funkslinging

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Ambidextrous Funkslinging

Ambidextrous Funkslinging

Type: Passive
MP Cost: N/A

Each of your hands is capable of slinging just as much funk as the other. This skill allows you to use two items per round of combat instead of just one.

You can use two combat items per round

Source: Guild Trainer
Price: 7,500 Meat
Class: Disco Bandit
Level: 12


  • If using the first item beats up your opponent, the second item will not fire.
  • If you try to use an item twice when you only have one of the item, you get the message:
You don't have two of that item.
  • Items typically behave the way they do in subsequent uses against the same monster or in one round. If an item doesn't work twice on the same monster, then it won't work twice using Ambidextrous Funkslinging. For instance, if two meat vortices are slung, the second will yield the same (wasted) result as a subsequent use against one monster. (See meat vortex.)
  • It can be helpful to double-check both spaces when using this skill repeatedly, as it is easy to run out of one of your items and sling an "empty space" if not careful.
  • If you use Combat Action Bars, this skill is used by left-clicking on the first item and right-clicking on the second.