Astral Shell (skill)

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Astral Shell

Astral Shell

Type: Buff
MP Cost: 10

This is a vastly improved version of the Ghostly Shell skill. It increases the amount of damage absorbed by your (or another player's) hat and pants in combat. Additionally, it will protect you (to a limited degree) from the elements of heat, cold, stench, spookiness, and sleaziness.

Source: Guild Trainer
Price: 7,500 Meat
Class: Turtle Tamer
Level: 12
Effect: Astral Shell (+80 Damage Absorption, Slight Elemental Resistance) (X Adventures)
When Used:
You stamp your (totem) against the ground and call upon the Turtle Spirits to conjure an astral shell around (target) (X Adventures)
Blackshell.gifYou acquire an effect: Astral Shell
(duration: X Adventures)


  • The number of turns granted depends on the totem used.

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