Avast, a Mast!

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Avast, a Mast!
Avast, a Mast!

You find a mast sticking up out of the water -- a sure sign that there's a ship under there.

Search the wreckage for plunder

Having sold the cursed compass:
In a tiny wooden treasure chest, you find... that compass! You stifle a scream.

Pr compass.gifYou acquire an item: recursed compass

What an adventure!
Confetti.gif You gain 10 PirateRealm FunPoints


You dive into the shipwreck and haul up everything you can carry.
Goldcoin.gif You gain 90-112 gold

With a Belligerent crewmate:
The Beligerent <mate> also dove for salvage, and managed to find a cannon!
Minicannon.gif You gain 1 gun
With an ancient skull key:
Your deckhands also find a little lockbox. You try the ancient skull key in it, and it works! What are the odds!?
Goldcoin.gif You gain 161-199 gold
With a Dipsomaniacal crewmate:
The Dipsomaniacal <mate> appears to have also found some booze somewhere while you were messing around in the wreck.
Jug.gif You gain 3 grog
With a Gluttonous crewmate:
The Gluttonous <mate> seems to have also discovered some soggy food in the wreck.
Knifefork.gif You gain 3 grub

What an adventure!
Confetti.gif You gain 5 PirateRealm FunPoints

Your deckhands consume their day's rations.
Knifefork.gif You lose 1 grub
Jug.gif You lose 1 grog

Occurs at PirateRealm