Bag of QWOP

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bag of QWOP
bag of QWOP

This bag contains a trail mix made of quinoa, wildebeest, oregano and papaya. It's very confusing.

Type: food (EPIC)
Size: 1
Level required: 6
Selling Price: 23 Meat.
Effect: QWOPped Up (10 Adventures)Combat Initiative -100%
Always Fumble

(In-game plural: bag of QWOPs)
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Item number: 5746
Description ID: 463337393
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Obtained From

Camp Scout backpack

When Consumed

You eat the QWOP and your muscles immediately turn to jelly.
AdventuresYou gain 5 Adventures.
Qwop.gifYou acquire an effect: QWOPped Up
(duration: 10 Adventures)
(You gain 1 Fullness.)


  • QWOP is a famously difficult Flash game where players control an athlete's thighs and calves separately using the Q, W, O, and P keys. It is, indeed, very confusing.
  • The name of QWOP appears to be a reference to GORP, an abbreviation for "Good Old Raisins and Peanuts," a common homemade trail mix.


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