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Your skin is covered with a layer of pure, uncut bitterness. Not that most of the people you run into would notice, but you have to imagine that if a Slime tried to absorb you, that the process would be pretty unpleasant. For the Slime, not you. Well, for the Slime in addition to you.

Slime Hates You

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Effect number: 653
Description ID: d94d955ab2d6b053c25ca2e567b6bbfa
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Obtained From


  • The "Slime Hates You" effect provides a total of 15*N*(N+2) to Monster Level against slimes, with a maximum 1000. N here is the total number of items you have with the "Slime Hates It" effect plus the number of effects that give "Slime Hates You". The villainous scythe counts as 2 items for this purpose.
  • This computes out as follows (note that the maximum is 8 levels including the bitter pill):
Number of items Monster Level increase
1 45
2 120
3 225
4 360
5 525
6 720
7 945
8 1000

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