Bottle of Definit

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bottle of Definit
bottle of Definit

This is a tiny airline-sized bottle of premium-brand vodka. Getting absolutely hammered on this is a Definit Possibility. In other words, this will surely get you drunk, Shirley.

(Fancy Cocktailcrafting ingredient)
Type: booze (decent)
Potency: 3
Level required: 2
Selling Price: 70 Meat.

(In-game plural: bottles of Definit)
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Item number: 1552
Description ID: 990285202
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Obtained From

The Gnomish Micromicrobrewery (sometimes) (210 Meat)


Still sm.gif bottle of vodka
Equals.gif bottle of Definit

When Consumed

You drink the bottle of Definit. Definitely. You take three swallows. Definitely three.
AdventuresYou gain 4-8 Adventures.
You gain 3 Drunkenness.




  • The name of this item is a play on Absolut, a brand of vodka.
  • The surely/Shirley gag is an old one frequently used in movies, most notably Airplane!, and other media. Example:
Bashy: Surely that am giant fetus I see in sky?
Boozerbear: No, that's just your imagination. And don't call me Shirley.
  • The usage text with "Definitely three" refers to the speaking style of Raymond Babbitt, Dustin Hoffman's character in the film Rain Man.


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