Broken warbear gyrocopter

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broken warbear gyrocopter
broken warbear gyrocopter

This is a little gyro-delivery quad-rotor drone that has seen better days. It'll still deliver a gyro, you just can't really predict who the recipient will be.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: broken warbear gyrocopters)
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Item number: 7049
Description ID: 649705949
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Obtained From

warbear gyrocopter (occasionally on use)

When Used

You activate the gyrocopter and send if off to deliver a gyro at random. Yum!

The recipient will get the following green chat message, and will receive a warbear gyro in addition to the broken gyrocopter in their inventory:

<Sender> has sent you a broken warbear gyrocopter.


  • You can only use one gyrocopter a day. Trying a second time gives:
    FAA regulations prevent you from sending any more gyrocopters today.


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