Brother Smothers's Blessing

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Brother Smothers's Blessing

Brother Smothers's Blessing

You've been blessed by Brother Smothers, the resident boozehound of the Deep Fat Friars. Your nose has been covered with a pattern of blotchy red spots, which convey the ability to detect booze at great distances -- even as far away as that liquor store over on Allison Road.

+30% Booze Drops from Monsters

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Effect number: 461
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  • This effect description refers to the Gin Blossoms song "Allison Road" which has a repeated line "I've lost my mind on what I'd find/And all of the pressure that I left behind/On Allison Road."
  • The band Gin Blossoms gets their name from the aforementioned "blotchy red spots."
  • Brother Smothers's name is derived from the American comedy duo, The Smothers Brothers.

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