Brother Smothers, the Deep Fat Friar

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Brother Smothers

Brother Smothers is located in the Copse of the Deep Fat Friars.

Welcome, [Playername]! I am Brother Smothers. Now that our copse has been freed of its taint, we can get back to our regular routine of research and drinking. Speaking of drinking, you look like you might like a touch of the sauce every now and again. Would you care to receive a blessing that might help you in your endeavors?

Blessed Be


Welcome, [Playername]! It looks like you've already received a blessing today, so please leave us to our work.

Blessed Be

Brother Smothers smiles and rubs some ashes on your face.

Monkhead.gifYou acquire an effect: Brother Smothers's Blessing
(duration: 20 Adventures)