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Spleen Items are items which damage your spleen slightly whenever you use them. Spleen Items have an associated toxicity value visible in the item description, which determines how much spleen damage they cause.

Your spleen can withstand is 15 damage in a given day (or 20 if you have a Spleen of Steel).

Adventure granting spleen items are somewhat rarer than Food or Booze. The most common sources of adventure granting spleen items are certain Mr. Store Familiars, and the Seal Clubber skill Pulverize.

Spleen Items are listed with a quality that can be checked in the item description. Spleen Item quality is not only based on the average number of adventures given per unit of toxicity, but also takes account of substat gains and other benefits. Spleen Items have their qualities determined manually, in contrast to Food and Booze which mostly have their qualities determined automatically based on the average number of adventures that they give.

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