Chock Full o' Nanites

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Chock Full o' Nanites

Chock Full o' Nanites

Your entire body is suffused with microscopic robots. And not the bad kind of robots, like the ones that try to kill Sarah Connor -- the good kind, like the ones that try to kill Will Smith.

Damage Absorption +50
Weapon Damage +20

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Effect number: 479
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Obtained From



  • After combat:
The nanites in your bloodstream recharge you and repair your damaged cells!
HPYou gain 10 hit points.
MPYou gain 10 Mana Points.


  • The effect's name is a play on the "Chock full o'Nuts" brand of coffee.
  • The description is a reference to The Terminator, in which robots from the future try to kill Sarah Connor, whose son leads the resistance against the robots.
  • The description is also a reference to I, Robot, in which robots meant to aid people try to kill Will Smith, who plays the main character, Del Spooner.
  • In Star Trek: Voyager, the Doctor commonly uses nanoprobes from Seven of Nine's blood to heal almost anything.

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