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Clans are groups of players working together for a common goal. Players must be at least level 3 to join a clan, and level 7 to create one. (Players who have ascended at least once do not suffer these level restrictions.) Each clan has its own chat channel, and clan members may end up forming friendships. Many clans pool resources to perform random acts of philanthropy, and some clans form PvP alliances.


Being a member of a clan can have several benefits. Each clan has its own rumpus room. It can buy numerous items that benefit its members and put them in there. There are items that bequeath meat or extra adventures to each of a clan's members every day. There is also gym equipment so that clan members can train stats. The clan leader can even fill the room with fun items and stat-giving equipment. However, no clan can have everything; all of the stuff just wouldn't fit.

A VIP Lounge is also available for clan members who own a Clan VIP Lounge key (the same key works in every clan). Furniture in the VIP Lounge is more powerful, and much more expensive (each piece of clan VIP furniture is released as an Item of the Month, and the Clan VIP Lounge key always reappears in Mr. Store at the same time).

Each clan also has a stash, a communal storage spot where clan members can add and borrow useful items. As if that weren't enough, higher-ranked members of the clan can spend meat from the clan coffer to buy temporary and permanent stat bonuses for the clan's members.

Clans may also purchase a basement for 10,000,000 meat. This 10M meat is a one-time expense. Once a basement has been purchased, there are three cooperative clan dungeons available. Each clan dungeon must be opened separately, has a finite length, and costs an additional amount of meat per instance.

  • Hobopolis costs 1,000,000 meat to open, and has a total length of around 1000 to 5000 turns
  • The Slime Tube costs 250,000 meat to open, and has a total length of around 300 to 1000 turns
  • Dreadsylvania costs 1,000,000 meat to open, and has a total length of around 3000 turns

Clan leaders may create ranks with or without dungeon access privileges, either globally for all dungeons, or fine-tuned to each dungeon.

Besides the direct benefits within KoL, several clans have created independent forums and collaborative projects.

Clan Warfare

Clan warfare involves spending meat from the clan coffer to buy Bags of Goodies, which other clans will try to take, and defense mechanisms, such as Cinder Blocks to build a wall and Grrrrrlgoyles to fly over opponents' walls. These can be purchased via a clan's War Room. The only things that clan warfare really accomplishes are lowering the supply of liquid meat in the kingdom and potentially earning the clan a temporary spot in The Museum. Many clans do not use this system of battling.

Creating a Clan

To create a clan, you must satisfy the level requirement (be level 7 or higher, or have ascended at least once). You must not currently be a member of any clan; you can depart from your current clan at the bottom of the Membership Roster in the Clan Hall.

Clans must be given a unique name, and a non-empty credo. Clan names and credos are not allowed to contain "profanity". (What exactly does the game consider profanity in this case?) Attempting to create a clan with a nonconformant name or credo yields this message:

No profanity allowed in clan names or credos.

The account which creates the clan becomes the clan's leader. Leadership may be transferred to another member. Many clans create a Multi specifically to hold the leadership role, which allows the clan's players (including the founder) to switch clans freely. However, this is not required, and many other clans retain the leadership role under the control of a human player's primary account.

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  • The level restrictions on joining/creating a clan were removed for ascended accounts on June 6th, 2006.
  • Hobopolis, and the clan basement, were added June 16th, 2008.
  • The VIP Lounge was added April 30th, 2009.
  • The Slime Tube was added May 30th, 2009.
  • Dreadsylvania was added July 27, 2013.