Cold-Blooded Warm Fuzzies

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Cold-Blooded Warm Fuzzies

Cold-Blooded Warm Fuzzies

A turtle thanked you for rescuing it from Stella's compound, and you're feeling pretty shiny-happy about it.

Muscle +20%
Mysticality +20%
Moxie +20%
Regenerate 20-30 MP after each Combat

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Effect number: 711
Description ID: 86cb8548c2b3619029106f8bf8717b1c
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Obtained From

  • Freeing a guard turtle using the skill apprivoisez la tortue (which is granted by equipping the weapon Fouet de tortue-dressage) after completing Me and My Nemesis, and later on defeating a monster.
  • The quest is only considered complete once you have visited Terri at your guild and received the 6,000 meat.
  • The turtle will appear and give you an item from the monster while giving you the effect. The item is a random item that did not drop from defeating the monster, or pickpocketing it earlier (including rave steal), and must be pickpocketable. If no item matches these conditions, the turtle will not appear to give you this effect. Not having an item meet the conditions does not cancel the turtle's appearance, though, just delays it.
  • Cannot be obtained in Burnbarrel Blvd., Dreadsylvania


  • Acquire message:
    You feel something nudge your shins, and you look down. A large turtle, which you recognize as a guard turtle that you rescued from Stella's compound, is looking up at you with something in its mouth. It drops the object at your feet, and slowly wanders off. Aww, now you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]
Grinturtle.gifYou acquire an effect: Cold-Blooded Warm Fuzzies
(duration: 20 Adventures)
  • At the end of combat with the effect active:
    Your thoughts flash back briefly to that turtle you rescued, and it makes you feel pretty good about yourself.
    MPYou gain 20-30 Mana Points.
  • Cannot happen while you still have turns of the effect remaining;
  • Receiving this buff 30 times qualifies you for the A Little Help From My Friends trophy;
  • One acquire happens per one freed turtle guard post-nemesis.
  • Occurs every 50-60 adventures, if the Obtain conditions (see above section) are met. This cannot be sped up by removing the effect or through any other known means.