Commemorative war stein

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commemorative war stein
commemorative war stein

Dude, bra, do you remember that time we went to war, bra? That was freakin' awesome! Those were the days, bra. Those were the days. Do you still have your stein? Me too, bra, me too! I don't really use it that much anymore, though. Ever since I married Jodi things are totally different. We should totally go to the lake one of these weekends, bra. Totally.

Selling Price: 1000 Meat.

(In-game plural: commemorative war steins)
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Obtained From

The Orcish Frat House (Wartime) (5 quarters)



  • "Warsteiner" is a German brand of beer.
  • The description is most likely inspired from Bryan Adams' "Summer of '69". "Jodi" is a clear indication to a line from that song, "Jimmy quit and Jodi got married"


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