Corned-beef Reuben

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corned-beef Reuben
corned-beef Reuben

Ahh, there's no sandwich like a good old-fashioned Reuben -- corned beef, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut, with Thousand Island dressing and pumpernickel bread, grilled to perfection. Whenever Boris eats one, he gets a misty, far-away look in his eyes, as he remembers Reuben, the first war dog he ever owned as a boy, and the night of his death.

God that dog was delicious.

Type: food (awesome)
Size: 3
Level required: 9
Selling Price: 5 Meat.
Cannot be traded

(In-game plural: corned-beef Reubens)
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Item number: 5567
Description ID: 978545620
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Obtained From

Demand Sandwich (Level 9+)
Chez Snootée (sometimes) (15 Meat)

When Used

You eat the corned-beef Reuben. Ahh, memories. Tasty, tasty memories.
AdventuresYou gain 12-13 Adventures.
You gain 28-32 Strongness.
(You gain 3 Fullness.)


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