Cream pie

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cream pie
cream pie

This is a cream pie, which has been expertly balanced for throwing.

Type: usable (self or others)
Cannot be discarded
Free pull from Hagnk's

(In-game plural: cream pies)
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Item number: 2019
Description ID: 722885584
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Ezcook.gif Gnollish pie tin wad of dough  
Ezcook.gif pie crust glass of goat's milk
Equals.gif cream pie

When Used

  • You see:
You pie <player>.
  • Recipient sees:
<player> has hit you in the face with a cream pie.

Pieface.gifYou acquire an effect: Pie in the Face
(duration: 50 Adventures)


  • Unlike the brick, this item is still usable on Jick. So far.
  • Xenophobe can now also be pied. While he was still part of the dev team this only yielded the message "Not to me."
  • The name of the menu where you can throw a pie at people is "Pretend Someone Else Is Bill Gates".
  • If you pie chatbot, she tells you the following in chat: "chatbot (private): error KoLBot::HeadWiper module not found. My face will just be messy with your pie, I guess."
  • Cream pies may be used against people in Valhalla, but they will not get the Pie in the Face effect, only a notification in chat.


  • "Pie in the face" humor has been a standard of slapstick comedy in movies since the silent era when Mack Sennett popularized the act of pieing.
  • A cream pie or custard pie is often the style of pie used to do such pieing.
  • Bill Gates was once hit by a cream pie by the notorious Belgian pie-flinger Noël Godin in a famous incident.


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