Crimbo Town Toy Factory (2011)

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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.

The Crimbo Town Toy Factory was located in Crimbo Town 2011 at The Big Mountains. Adventurers can exchange Candy Credits for Crimbo gifts to be delivered to the recipient of their choosing or given to the needy.

Naterond Candydistributor, Distributor of Candy Naterond Candydistributor, Distributor of Candy:

Hey. Hey, quotid! Hey. Have you, listen. Have you, have you got any candy credits? If, you know, if you have any, listen. If you have some candy credits you wanna trade in, I can fix you up real nice. You fix us up, we fix you up, right? You can, listen. You can buy presents with candy credits, you can buy 'em for your friends or, listen. You can buy 'em for the needy. You can't, you know, you can't buy 'em for yourself, though. They're presents. Now, you got candy credits? Quotid, did you trade us in some candy? 'Cause, listen. 'Cause we need that candy.

Big Gifts
Item: Cost:
Fuzzby.gif Fuzzby Pep patty.gif 500  
Send One
Jplumber.gif Jackass Plumber home game Pep patty.gif 1,000  
Send One
Triviagame.gif Trivial Avocations board game Pep patty.gif 1,500  
Send One
Emilio.gif Tickle-Me Emilio Pep patty.gif 2,500  
Send One
Stocking Stuffers
Item: Cost:
Pogpack.gif pack of pogs Pep patty.gif 100  
Send Some
Jerkycoins.gif jerky coins Pep patty.gif 50  
Send Some
Gowassail.gif Go-Wassail Pep patty.gif 50  
Send Some
Tinybook.gif Uncle Greenspan's Bathroom Finance Guide Pep patty.gif 30  
Send Some
Bubblebottle.gif bottle of bubbles Pep patty.gif 30  
Send Some
Windupcar.gif wind-up meatcar Pep patty.gif 30  
Send Some
  • When sending a big gift:
Good choice, quotid, good choice. My elves will make sure, listen. My elves will make sure that present goes where it's supposed to, okay? Now go trade some more candy. We're dyin' over here.
  • When sending a stocking stuffer:
Don't worry, quotid, my elves will, listen. My elves will stuff that stocking just right, okay? Now go get some more, listen. Go get some more candy and trade it in, okay?
  • Trying to send a gift you can't afford:
Your fingers are writing checks that your Crimbo Credit Balance can't cash.
  • Attempting to send yourself a gift:
You can't send yourself a present.
  • Attempting to send a gift the store doesn't offer:
Invalid gift selected. Bah Humbug!
  • Attempting to send a gift to someone that has ignored you:
You can't send a gift to that player because you are on his or her ignore list.
  • Attempting to send a big gift to someone who already has one:
The factory workers inform you that your intended recipient already has one of those.


  • When you got a gift from the toy factory, chat and the recent events log would display:
YY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS <AM|PM> - <Player Name> has stuffed your stocking.
YY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS <AM|PM> - <Player Name> has placed a present under the tree for you.