Cristobal Colon

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Cristobal Colon Cristobal Colon (#1492)
Level 23

Cristobal Colon is probably the first explorer to hit the shores of Loathing since the days of yore. He got a cold reception, and gave out blankets in an attempt to placate the inhabitants and ensure harmony. His plan went askew when people started getting various diseases.

The name "Cristobal Colon" is the Spanish interpretation of the name "Christopher Columbus". His given name (in his native Italian) was "Cristoforo Colombo". The character itself even has three of the Big Boat Trophies (representing, of course, the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria). He is also the only player to be an "Explorer" class, but he is actually a Seal Clubber. Further, his account creation date is his real birthday, August 26, 1451, with more than 7,500,000 turns played, as if the account had been playing 40 turns a day since the 1400s. Despite having never ascended, and having spent this many adventures, he is in ronin.

His player number, #1492, is the year in which Columbus 'discovered' America.

On Columbus Day 2005, Cristobal Colon sent the following kmail to a number of adventurers in the kingdom:

From Cristobal Colon (#1492)
Date: $date

Hail there, fellow Adventurer!

I am a traveller from Distant Lands, and landed on the shores of your
Kingdom just yesterday. Sadly, I've met with a cold reception thus far.
Your Kingdom seems to be overrun with brutes!

I offer you this gift as a sign of my goodwill and desire to coexist
peacefully with you and your kin. I hope that it will help warm you in the
cold Loathing nights.

Fare thee well!

Blanket.gifYou acquire an item: comfy blanket