Disassembled clover

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disassembled clover
disassembled clover

This is a ten-leaf clover from which the leaves have been pulled. It doesn't seem nearly as lucky this way.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: disassembled clovers)
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Item number: 196
Description ID: 328909735
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Obtained From

ten-leaf clover
lucky-ish pill
diabolic pizza (lucky pizza)
letter to Ed the Undying
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
letter from King Ralph XI (not under Bad Moon)

When Used

You carefully reassemble your ten-leaf clover. It seems much luckier now.
Clover.gifYou acquire an item: ten-leaf clover


  • In order to avoid inadvertent special clover adventures, many people used to store their clovers in their closet or use them to temporarily convert them to disassembled clovers.
  • This item is from the days before Your Colossal Closet existed so that characters would be able to adventure without using up their ten-leaf clovers.


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