Electric Kool-Aid

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electric Kool-Aid
electric Kool-Aid

The Unkillable Skeleton was so comprehensively charged with electricity that this was the only beverage he could even taste. Which was unfortunate for him, because if there's one thing he hated more than people using trademarked names without permission, it was Kool-Aid.

Type: beverage (EPIC)
Size: 2
Effect: Electric, Kool (50 Adventures)Maximum MP +5X
Regenerate Y-2Y MP per adventure

Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: glasses of electric Kool-Aid)
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Item number: 6483
Description ID: 363523121
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Obtained From

Dreadsylvanian Castle
Holding Court
The Unkillable Skeleton
The Unkillable Skeleton (Hard Mode)
The Terrified Eagle Inn

When Consumed

Sk koolaid.gif
You drink the electric Kool-Aid. If that was a test, you passed it with flying colors! Hey, speaking of flying colors...
Jigawatts.gifYou acquire an effect: Electric, Kool
(duration: 50 Adventures)
AdventuresYou gain 12-13 Adventures.
You gain 30-50 Beefiness.
You gain 30-50 Mysteriousness.
You gain 30-50 Smarm.
(You gain 2 Fullness.)




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