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There are six Epic Hats in the Kingdom of Loathing, one for each class. They could formerly be obtained by defeating a character's Nemesis, but this quest was removed when NS13 was implemented. The nemesis and these hats returned August 2009 in a revamped form as part of a series of guild quests.

Epic Hats all share similar properties: they have a power of 100, they require 15 points in the appropriate class's main stat (rather than always Moxie), and they boost their class's main stat by 11 (but only for that class). They also have a minor enchantment related to their class's strengths.


  • The stat requirements, power, and enchantments of all the hats changed on August 18, 2009 when the hat part of the new Nemesis quest rolled out. Formerly, they only gave +7 to the classes main stat, had 50 power, and required 10 points in the appropriate main stat.

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