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It's Fuzzby, everybody's favorite little nonsense-talking monster!

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Free pull from Hagnk's

(In-game plural: Fuzzbys)
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Item number: 5500
Description ID: 186886933
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Crimbo Town Toy Factory (2011) (500 Candy Credits)

When Used


Fuzzbies love to pass messages on to your friends. What would you like your Fuzzby to share? <Message> To whom should your Fuzzby to relate this?

Upon receiving the message:

Ask your Fuzzby to translate


  • Once sent, the message will become gibberish.
  • Fuzzby does not, however, correctly translate the gibberish.

How Fuzzby Translates

  • Fuzzby will translate the message you send by splitting the message up by 'words' (characters separated by spaces). Each word is then split, depending on its length. If the length is odd, then the first letter is removed and translated into fuzzby using the One-Letter Map (below). After removing the first letter if necessary, the length is guaranteed to be even, so it is split into as many two-letter chunks as necessary, and then each chunk is translated into Fuzzby using the Two-Letter Map (below). If any letter is encountered that is not translatable by this map, the rest of the word is ignored and passed through as-is (but the first part is translated).
  • The one-letter map forms cycles of the vowels and consonants separately. An input vowel produces an output of the next vowel after it ('a' maps to 'e', and 'e' maps to 'i', etc). The consonants map to the consonant six ahead of themselves (skipping vowels), so 'b' maps to 'j', 'c' maps to 'k', ... 'n' maps to 'v' ... 'z' maps to 'h').
  • There are also a great number of special words which translate into other words (but are not processed after changing into those words, it's just a mapping). The special words can be found here.
  • Capital letters are only honored in two cases:
1) If the entire word is capitalized (then the entire fuzzby word is capitalized).
2) If the first letter is capitalized, then only the first letter will be capitalized in the fuzzby translation (capitalizations in the middle of the word are ignored).
3) This isn't always the case though, there is some strange behavior, in the example provided below, the word Kingdom is capitalized in the input, and the translated version "Rtioholica" also has a capital 'R', but when translated back into English, the word becomes lowercase "kingdom."


  • If someone sends the message "Everyone thank Jick for the Kingdom of Loathing!" Then this message will get split up like so:
  • Special words get replaced, so "everyone" becomes "Menithter bion dnceact" (around the world), "for" becomes "mnce con" (for to), "the" becomes "entthi" (this).
  • All words get processed as they are seen in the phrase, so we are left with the following literal strings and groups of input to be translated:
  • Menithter bion dnceact (t ha nk) (Ji ck) mnce con entthi (K in gd om) (of) (Lo at hi ng)!
  • using the below table, we can see that
(t ha nk) maps to (b ere wou)
(Ji ck) maps to (Llo tan)
(K in gd om) maps to (R tio hol ica)
(of) maps to (rea)
(Lo at hi ng) maps to (Whi ati was ver)
  • Finally, reconstructing the fuzzby phrase, we end up with:
  • Menithter bion dnceact berewou Llotan mnce con entthi Rtioholica rea Whiatiwasver!
  • Mapping this back to English becomes Around the world thank Jick for to this kingdom of Loathing!
  • Note that this mapping is splitting up the input and translating in the same fashion as the More fun with Fuzzby section.

More fun with Fuzzby

  • A careful observer will notice that a lot of the Two-Letter mappings go to pieces which can make up valid english words, when translated into fuzzby. A link at the bottom of the post here gives a mapping for what inputs in 'English' will produce which 'Fuzzby' outputs which are actually words in a dictionary.
  • Thus, it is possible to construct some English phrases, such as "Dear Jick, you rock!" by doing the following (if not just looking up the words in the linked file):
  • Notice that to reverse fuzzby, you can only translate words which have a length that is a multiple of three, or are one letter longer than a multiple of three. So english words which are 2, 5, 8, 11 ... characters long are not possible to create through fuzzby translating from gibberish input into readable fuzzby output.
  • For each word of input, split it up. If it has a length 2 more than a multiple of three, you can't go further. If it has a length 1 more than a multiple of three, then remove the first letter, and translate that with the one character map, but going in reverse (from Fuzzby Output to the Input which generates it). Then, the rest of the word is guaranteed to have a length which is a multiple of three. Split the word into groups of three, and translate each piece by looking up that piece in the Two-Letter Map, but go in reverse to determine the input which produces that output. Then reconstruct the entire word.
  • A word of caution, there are 26*26 inputs which map to 26*26 outputs. This is a complete coverage of inputs, but covers only 1/26 of all possible outputs (since there are 26*26*26 possible three-character combinations, but only 26*26 of them can be made by putting something in to Fuzzby.
  • Splitting our example phrase comes up with: (D ear) (J ick), (you) (r ock)!
(D ear) maps to (W ri)
(J ick) maps to (B fd)
(you) maps to (ur)
(r ock) maps to (k jr)
  • Reconstructing the entire phrase, we have: Wri Bfd, ur kjr!
  • Providing that string as an input to Fuzzby will produce the obfuscated output "Dear Jick, you rock!"
  • This method can be used to translate anything encoded by the Fuzzby into whatever English phrase it is meant to be, except in rare cases where the fuzzby will translate into a non-alphabetic character, such as with the words: marriage, looked, eat, dollar, billion.
  • This can be seen from the above example, where the fuzzby output was "Menithter bion dnceact berewou Llotan mnce con entthi Rtioholica rea Whiatiwasver!"
  • Splitting this up gives the groups: (Men ith ter) (b ion) (d nce act) (b ere wou) (Llo tan) (m nce) (con) (ent thi) (R tio hol ica) (rea) (Whi ati was ver)
  • Mapping these back using the Two-Letter map in reverse gives (Ar ou nd) (t he) (w or ld) (t ha nk) (Ji ck) (f or) (to) (th is) (K in gd om) (of) (Lo at hi ng)
  • Putting it all back together gives the phrase "Around the world thank Jick for to this kingdom of Loathing!"

Translation Map (non-special words)

One-Letter to One-Letter Map

Input a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
Fuzzby Output e j k l i m n p o q r s t v u w x y z b a c d f g h

Two-Letter to Three-Letter Map

Input aa ab ac ad ae af ag ah ai aj ak al am an ao ap aq ar as at au av aw ax ay az
Fuzzby Output rma den eri ist ars ade anc rti our ris lan est ich for loo ard xpe men res ati sho can who tel ame ntr
Input ba bb bc bd be bf bg bh bi bj bk bl bm bn bo bp bq br bs bt bu bv bw bx by bz
Fuzzby Output sin imp ept arl ght esp len row mat gen ttl mor til atu ces emp stu app war ond ssi win ail tak ime los
Input ca cb cc cd ce cf cg ch ci cj ck cl cm cn co cp cq cr cs ct cu cv cw cx cy cz
Fuzzby Output ure ara orm hel ect ild pat tin nat fou tan ona mea bro ome tch ivi che oli pla son tit rta mak ase efo
Input da db dc dd de df dg dh di dj dk dl dm dn do dp dq dr ds dt du dv dw dx dy dz
Fuzzby Output nts lig ean ire int gin ary tar but pec met ack tro wha rin ffi irs end ice tru unt sur ett ext ded rne
Input ea eb ec ed ee ef eg eh ei ej ek el em en eo ep eq er es et eu ev ew ex ey ez
Fuzzby Output per rac ous tha fro ial dis ile abl fte als oul nti ate ake ast eli her wit cal oll par ven ose nal fir
Input fa fb fc fd fe ff fg fh fi fj fk fl fm fn fo fp fq fr fs ft fu fv fw fx fy fz
Fuzzby Output oug rop nne ick ies ran cie aus use sou ann bee uri ays iti ped qua ned fin ree has mit erm spo ppe ima
Input ga gb gc gd ge gf gg gh gi gj gk gl gm gn go gp gq gr gs gt gu gv gw gx gy gz
Fuzzby Output ell cau fre hol een bet see tic cha ifi ole gre cho old lat bac sig nin nst tre cat asi ron mad ani arg
Input ha hb hc hd he hf hg hh hi hj hk hl hm hn ho hp hq hr hs ht hu hv hw hx hy hz
Fuzzby Output ere ful ult suc ion ise urs rig was ool nds las sse ete not dea sts chi rst eat pos rov iou sch uch eng
Input ia ib ic id ie if ig ih ii ij ik il im in io ip iq ir is it iu iv iw ix iy iz
Fuzzby Output inc ope had rat ble lly ust aft rde eem ene sti ine tio hou ens vin hav thi ted tly tte ize vel eet ser
Input ja jb jc jd je jf jg jh ji jj jk jl jm jn jo jp jq jr js jt ju jv jw jx jy jz
Fuzzby Output oin rob hoo elo cen iat bri cit llo ubl mpa bil ory nci ina val cam ock rri rte abo rly dic itu hal dre
Input ka kb kc kd ke kf kg kh ki kj kk kl km kn ko kp kq kr ks kt ku kv kw kx ky kz
Fuzzby Output pri cul bec rad era sec pea ord ese ora ram nly ton nes ery adi iff mis how nis iss hos onl jus ger ref
Input la lb lc ld le lf lg lh li lj lk ll lm ln lo lp lq lr ls lt lu lv lw lx ly lz
Fuzzby Output art duc ria act pro ead tem ges cti olo gra out ses ork whi ath rce ien ern wil sen ish tal cur igh rth
Input ma mb mc md me mf mg mh mi mj mk ml mm mn mo mp mq mr ms mt mu mv mw mx my mz
Fuzzby Output ste att ign lso sta mos rio rev rou mpo uti car sto ili hen wor lem esi hes lie ric ull did ema ong arm
Input na nb nc nd ne nf ng nh ni nj nk nl nm nn no np nq nr ns nt nu nv nw nx ny nz
Fuzzby Output age lis nte ter ess new ver mbe tho shi wou led eed ber man hed bou ian she eve har ely lli ved ral ece
Input oa ob oc od oe of og oh oi oj ok ol om on oo op oq or os ot ou ov ow ox oy oz
Fuzzby Output spe ans omp ont fic rea des ret tim ori ite ant ica his han own oss nce cou ide ith ort uld ike hem yea
Input pa pb pc pd pe pf pg ph pi pj pk pl pm pn po pp pq pr ps pt pu pv pw px py pz
Fuzzby Output eas nse tie aga und lik vid lic rie sup cle hey may edi whe sed ngl hic sid uni lar tab two evi ood ovi
Input qa qb qc qd qe qf qg qh qi qj qk ql qm qn qo qp qq qr qs qt qu qv qw qx qy qz
Fuzzby Output ude don nic lay reg ute ibl ros rre yin ife oci tud ein bel unc ura try vis cas ren isc tia pin lif riv
Input ra rb rc rd re rf rg rh ri rj rk rl rm rn ro rp rq rr rs rt ru rv rw rx ry rz
Fuzzby Output hin cia ach min hat pen tes ked ear nor nge por rec him one mpl ced nde tra ugh eme aid fac soc ind off
Input sa sb sc sd se sf sg sh si sj sk sl sm sn so sp sq sr ss st su sv sw sx sy sz
Fuzzby Output pre owe lea cer are tai lac ove str sis lle ner tri way oth din med too ore ons lit erv eco gan omm pol
Input ta tb tc td te tf tg th ti tj tk tl tm tn to tp tq tr ts tt tu tv tw tx ty tz
Fuzzby Output red air ari wee ers hil ues ent ive ems isi ass day ffe con ors alt enc tat tor les hro rit uth ple sai
Input ua ub uc ud ue uf ug uh ui uj uk ul um un uo up uq ur us ut uu uv uw ux uy uz
Fuzzby Output eir ang tiv kin ace ert any ngs som ict ook tur its oun tle ins acc you rom ave ntl mus kno equ eci ali
Input va vb vc vd ve vf vg vh vi vj vk vl vm vn vo vp vq vr vs vt vu vv vw vx vy vz
Fuzzby Output hei pan sub dec com cke sha cto ten fee dit nit eff sit mer ctu hom cor cre gai mes dow uct hap ves cri
Input wa wb wc wd we wf wg wh wi wj wk wl wm wn wo wp wq wr ws wt wu wv ww wx wy wz
Fuzzby Output ill hor pon eac wer ied dev ain der ela rge mil eca sio lin emb roo ual nsi mal urn amp ici ler rse ppo
Input xa xb xc xd xe xf xg xh xi xj xk xl xm xn xo xp xq xr xs xt xu xv xw xx xy xz
Fuzzby Output ele loc mon ami lon ily osi ula ini ega sib ark nda giv lec now eti vic hig mar rai emo roa sic cla dif
Input ya yb yc yd ye yf yg yh yi yj yk yl ym yn yo yp yq yr ys yt yu yv yw yx yy yz
Fuzzby Output hea fer nta elf ost rem rch get sel pas let rel eal usi ity que clu gro ndi thr arr ale eth mme tis cte
Input za zb zc zd ze zf zg zh zi zj zk zl zm zn zo zp zq zr zs zt zu zv zw zx zy zz
Fuzzby Output rep twe dep ote exp tua leg qui nto ano wel ita onc spi low pli nee nch omi ato itt ged ane ogr bli col


  • The image, title and description all refer to Furby, an electronic robotic toy.


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