Ghost accordion

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ghost accordion
ghost accordion

When an accordion dies, sometimes it has unfinished polkas, and it leaves behind one of these.

Type: ranged weapon (2-handed accordion)
Song Duration: 16 Adventures
Damage: 14 - 28
Moxie Required: 55
Selling Price: 40 Meat.

+5 Spooky Damage
+15% Booze Drops from Monsters

(Bonus for Accordion Thieves only)

(In-game plural: ghost accordions)
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Item number: 6823
Description ID: 444275086
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Obtained From

Wine Racks
skeletal sommelier (Steal Accordion)

Cadenza effect

  • On use:
You pass your hands through the ghost accordion, which results in spooky theremin music. Your opponent shudders as it takes 60-80 damage.


  • Steal message:
You pat the skeleton on the back, knocking the ghostly accordion through his sternum and into your sack. Deft!
Acc16.gifYou acquire an item: ghost accordion


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