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Who has time for a nice relaxing cup of wassail these days? You've got places to go, and people to see, and you'll be damned if you're gonna be sober for all of that. This little foil pack delivers you a blast of wassail right when you need it.

Type: booze (EPIC)
Potency: 1
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: Go-Wassails)
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Item number: 5507
Description ID: 499208335
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Crimbo Town Toy Factory (2011) (50 Candy Credits)

When Consumed

You drink the wassail, then take your kids to soccer practice, then put dinner in the oven, then go to your yoga class, then pick up the dry cleaning, then take the minivan in for an oil change, then go to the grocery store, and then go home and stare at the wall for a while, trying not to cry, wishing you had another dose of wassail.
AdventuresYou gain 5-6 Adventures.
You 5-7 Strongness.
You 5-7 Magicalness.
You 5-7 Roguishness.
You gain 1 Drunkenness.



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