Half-empty carton of milk

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half-empty carton of milk
half-empty carton of milk

Some terrible jerk has drank half of your milk!
What's worse is he -- as is the wont of his ilk --
Left it out on the counter for hour after hour!
Now it's green and it's lumpy. I think it's gone sour.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 15 Meat.

Deals 50-100 Stench Damage

(In-game plural: half-empty cartons of milk)
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Item number: 5538
Description ID: 315265902
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Obtained From

The Glacier of Jerks
Hugo Von Douchington

When Used

You lob the milk right at your foe, and it flinches,
As it's covered in the most stenchy of stenches!
It did 50-100 damage! And that's quite a lot,
For some dairy left out on the counter to rot!


  • If the damage dealt is two syllables long (for example, 90 damage), then the third line is "So it did XX damage! And that's quite a lot,".
  • If the damage dealt is four syllables long (for example, 57 damage), then the third line is just "XXXX damage! And that's quite a lot,".
  • If the damage dealt is longer than four syllables (for example, 77 damage), then the third and fourth lines will be replaced by the following:
It does sizable damage, that dairy gone rotten,
The stench that it left will not soon be forgotten!


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