Handful of honey

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handful of honey
handful of honey

This is a sticky glob of honey, straight from the source. It's more appealing if you don't consider the source, though.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: handfuls of honey)
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Item number: 5144
Description ID: 159319161
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Obtained From

Combat encounters
bee swarm
beebee gunners
Beebee King
beebee queue
Queen Bee
bee thoven
Cargo Cultist Shorts
What has it got in its pocketses? (pocket 28)

When Used

  • Using 3:
You fashion two globs of honey into a little pot, and then pour a third glob into it.
Honeypot2.gifYou acquire an item: honeypot
  • Using 4:
You make a goblet out of a glob of honey, then use a glob of honey to accelerate the fermentation of two globs of honey inside it.
Honeymead.gifYou acquire an item: honey mead
  • Using 5:
You make a honey crust -- it's like a graham-cracker crust, but made of honey. Then you fill it with honey, and top it off with a heaping dollop of honey.
Honeypie.gifYou acquire an item: wild honey pie
  • Using 37:
You spin the mass of honey between your hands until it has a plastic-like consistency, then you make a hat out of it.
Honeyhat.gifYou acquire an item: honeycap
  • Using 42:
You stomp the globs of honey into sheets, then sew them into a pair of pants using honey thread and a honey needle.
Honeypants.gifYou acquire an item: honeybritches
  • Using 69:
You make a hammer out of honey, then pound a bunch more honey into a slightly less hammer-shaped thing.
Honeydipper.gifYou acquire an item: honey dipper
  • Otherwise:
There's nothing interesting you can make with that many handfuls of honey.


  • The bee monsters can be encountered with the Aware of Bees effect active, or during a Bees Hate You run.
  • You need 160 handfuls to get every recipe (148 for the outfit)


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