History's Most Offensive Jokes, Vol. IX

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History's Most Offensive Jokes, Vol. IX
History's Most Offensive Jokes, Vol. IX

This dog-eared old paperback purports to contain 260 of the most offensive jokes ever told. Assuming the series started with the most offensive, this volume presumably contains jokes #2,081 through #2,340.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: copies of History's Most Offensive Jokes, Vol. IX)
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Item number: 7458
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Obtained From

Buff Jimmy's Souvenir Shop (300 Beach Bucks)

When Used

  • Without the skill:
You read the joke book. Man. Even your great great grandfather would have shied away from jokes this offensive, and he was terrible.
You acquire a skill: Seenitall.gif Unoffendable
  • With the skill:
You're not keen to re-expose yourself to that garbage.


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