Ice sculpture

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ice sculpture
ice sculpture

This is an ice sculpture of a confused-looking %icemonstername. It's very expressive, actually -- it really captures the "why is this idiot making an ice sculpture?" mood of the subject.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: ice sculptures)
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Item number: 7080
Description ID: 123744220
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Obtained From

unfinished ice sculpture

When Used

  • With no adventures left:
You don't have time to fight a sculpture right now.
  • Upon clicking the [use] link, on the first use per day, this item starts a combat against the monster which was copied with the unfinished ice sculpture. The monster's usual pre-fight text is replaced with:
"You place the ice sculpture on the ground, then put a magical tophat on it, which makes it come to life."
  • Trying to use a second one in a day will produce the following message:
Ice sculptures are a form of entertainment best served sparingly. You should wait until tomorrow.
  • With a monster inside that can no longer be copied:
You put the ice sculpture on the ground, but you can't figure out which end of it to fight. Huh.


  • The combat consumes one adventure.

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