Imp Be Nimble, Imp Be Quick

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Imp Be Nimble, Imp Be Quick
Imp Be Nimble, Imp Be Quick

You finally catch up to the candle-carrying imp (who is presumably a card-carrying imp, as well) and snatch the candles out of his greedy little talons. "Hey!" he says, "those are mine!"

"If some imp told you that, the imp lied," you say. "These belong to the Deep Fat Friars, and I'm taking them back. No little minion is going to keep me from whatever awesome reward I'm sure to get for finishing this quest."

You take the candles and get out of the Dark Heart of the Woods before the next attack.

Candles.gifYou acquire an item: box of birthday candles

Occurs at The Dark Heart of the Woods.


  • Has a cap of 16.