Lion oil

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lion oil
lion oil

This oil, distilled from certain glands found within the bodies of white lions, is generally used by gnomes to keep their samoflanges lubricated.

(Cooking ingredient)
Selling Price: 15 Meat.

(In-game plural: vials of lion oil)
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Item number: 2263
Description ID: 697550097
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Obtained From

Whitey's Grove
white lion




  • This item was a quest item from the time of its introduction until August 12th, 2008.


  • "Samoflange" is a nonsensical word which comes from a blooper reel taken from the cartoon show ThunderCats:
Panthro: "And keep your foot off that blasted samoflange!"
Lion-O: "...what the **** is a samoflange?"


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