Lucky Strikes holo-record

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Lucky Strikes holo-record
Lucky Strikes holo-record

This is a single from the Lucky Strikes, a chain-smoking rockabilly band who really embodied the spirit of self-destruction that got us to this sad point in history. Hey, on the bright side, the bombs probably killed them before lung cancer got the chance. Haha the bright side, get it? Because they perished in blinding nuclear fire?

Type: potion
Effect: Lucky Struck (10 Adventures)+20% Item Drops from Monsters
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: Lucky Strikes holo-records)
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Item number: 9111
Description ID: 553157564
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Obtained From

Underground Record Store (300 Meat)

When Used

You pop the record in your Wrist-Boy and light a cigarette. Then you stand around looking cool for a while and stub out the cigarette without smoking it.
Record.gifYou acquire an effect: Lucky Struck
(duration: 10 Adventures)
  • With a holo-record effect active:
There's already a record playing on your Wrist-Boy.


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