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meat paste
meat paste

This is a sticky paste made out of meat. It could be used to stick two things together.

Selling Price: 10 Meat.

(In-game plural: meat pastes)
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Item number: 25
Description ID: 207182772
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Obtained From

The Haunted Pantry
flame-broiled meat blob (3)
overdone flame-broiled meat blob (3)
Created from Inventory (10 Meat)


  • Meat paste is the "glue" that allows items to be combined. Each successful combine uses one meat paste. Most meat-pasted items can be untinkered back into their constituent components, but the meat paste is lost.
  • When entering a invalid value in the "make paste" option on the combine menu, you get the message:
That doesn't make any sense, pardner. Neither does the fact that I just called you "pardner."
  • If you enter "0" in the "make paste" option on your Miscellaneous Inventory page, you get this slightly less interesting message:
Invalid quantity.
  • If you enter a number greater than 1,000,000 in the "make paste" option on your Miscellaneous Inventory page when you have greater than 10,000,000 meat, you get the following message:
(Quantity reduced to 1 million.)
You really shouldn't make these things in quantities this large. If you end up with more than about 16 million of any given item, you'll lose the excess, which means you'll lose Meat. This is because of... a... wizard. Yeah. A wizard. A wizard who doesn't like numbers larger than 16 million.
  • The above message stems from incidents where players lost large amounts of Meat while attempting to create more than 16 million meat pastes at once, caused by the game storing item counts as unsigned 24-bit integers (MySQL 'mediumint') and truncating values larger than 16,777,215.


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