Parasitic strangleworm

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parasitic strangleworm
parasitic strangleworm

If you've ever wanted to have your left arm replaced with a writhing, slimy tentacle with a sucking mouth on the end filled with hundreds of tiny, razor sharp teeth, then boy, have I got some good news for you!

Type: off-hand item
Outfit: Mutant Couture
  (4 items)

Cannot be discarded

Damage Reduction: X

(In-game plural: parasitic strangleworms)
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Item number: 3627
Description ID: 495138723
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Wad.gif unstable DNA pulsing flesh  
Wad.gif wriggling tentacle rigid carapace
Equals.gif parasitic strangleworm


  • The amount of damage protection normally provided is equal to your level, with a maximum of 15.
  • With Yuletide Mutations the damage protection is 2 times your level, capped at 30.
  • This item used to be zappable into other pieces of the outfit. However, due to it requiring fewer components than the other pieces of the outfit, it is no longer able to be zapped.

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