Pie in the Face

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Pie in the Face

Pie in the Face

Your face is covered with cream pie. You feel like a cross between a software billionaire and a circus clown. The overall effect is humbling.


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Effect number: 228
Description ID: 9c9794f2ff9a0fcb1090c281c2c442f1
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Obtained From

  • Being hit in the face with a cream pie (50 Adventures)


  • It is believed this effect in and of itself has no actual impact on game play.
  • Similarly to how buffs may be "shrugged off", this effect may be "wiped off":
You wipe the pie off your face. Yecch.
Glove.gifYou acquire an effect: Sticky Hands
(duration: 1 Adventure)
  • Attempting to wipe off the pie while in combat produces an alert with the message "Unable to shrug Pie in the Face because you are in a fight."
  • Even if you wipe off more than one pie at once, you still only get 1 adventure of Sticky Hands.


  • The cream pie is the traditional ingredient of staged circus/vaudeville food fights.
  • The software billionaire in question is Bill Gates, who was once hit by a cream pie by the notorious Belgian pie-flinger Noël Godin in a famous incident.
  • The last line of the effect description refers to the phrase "eating humble pie."