Plaid bandage

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plaid bandage
plaid bandage

There's enough red in the tartan of this bandage that even if a little blood soaks through it, it still looks pretty stylish.

Type: usable (also usable in combat)
Selling Price: 120 Meat.

Restores 120-150 HP

(In-game plural: plaid bandages)
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Item number: 7360
Description ID: 531905151
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Asterisk.gif 2 plaid swatches
Equals.gif plaid bandage

When Used

  • From inventory:
You apply the bandage to your most recent Claymore wound.
HPYou gain 120-150 hit points.
  • In combat:
You apply the plaid bandage to one of your plaid wounds.
HPYou gain 120-150 hit points.

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