Pog 04 (skleleton)

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pog #04 (skleleton)
pog #04 (skleleton)

This is a little cardboard disk with a picture of a skleleton printed on it. It's a little skinnier than you'd expect -- maybe the printer was trying to save money on ink.

Type: combat item
Cannot be discarded

Does all sorts of crazy things

(In-game plural: pog #04s (skleleton))
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Item number: 5518
Description ID: 426703674
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Obtained From

pack of pogs (0-3)

When Used

You slam the pog into the ground, and a tiny skleleton claws its way out of the ground where it lands.

The tiny pog skeleton bites your opponent with its tiny little skeleton teeth, dealing 8-12 damage. or

The tiny pog skleleton emits a hollow (but adorably squeaky) laugh, giving your opponent a tiny case of the willies.
Monster AttackMonster attack power reduced by 1-3
Monster DefenseMonster defense reduced by 1-3
The tiny skleleton hops astride the itsy-bitsy spider and charges your opponent, tangling it up in a sticky web lasso and scaring the bejesus out of him for 18-21 damage.
Monster AttackMonster attack power reduced by 4-6
Monster DefenseMonster defense reduced by 4-6
  • With one already out:
You've already got one of those pogs in play.


  • The pog continues to act every round of combat.


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